About the book

In November 2014, recent scans of my brain revealed that I had tumors that needs to be treated via radiotherapy that would cost half a million pesos. I had to do something. An answered prayer suddenly entered my mind. I immediately thought of compiling my articles for the past 4 years when I used to have column on aa major newspaper. This way, I will be able to sustain my medical needs, treatments, tests and maintenance; sustaining my essential needs and at the same time fulfilling my dream of publishing a book.

The proceeds of the book will help us sustain my endless medical needs. This is a book about the beauty of life: By Kcat. For Kcat.

I believe that with this book, I will be able to help and inspire you while helping me reach a better life.

A life written in permanent ink. Every chapter, each page filled with concrete experiences. As I write it all down, mistakes cannot be erased. There is no turning back.

This is the life that I'm living - a life permanently written. As I take the path each day, I am confident that I am on the right track. For these are not at all in vain, God guides. He is the guideline in my story called life.

...and because of Him, I CAN!